1.20.4 Support and Feature Update


Staff member
Jun 10, 2023


  • Direction hud
  • Ping spoof
  • Holefiller module
  • Esp wide hole setting
  • Esp card armor toggle setting
  • Grim anticheat elytrafly (mode bounce)
  • Grim velocity setting
  • Anticheat precise strafing setting for strict anticheats
  • NoSlow fakeswap setting improvement for grim
  • Added new "Instant click rotations" for any anticheat that ignores 1.17 click rotations


  • Minor ui improvements
  • Nofall module works on grim
  • Improved autocrystal

Bug Fixes​

  • Fixed llamas not working with entitycontrol
  • Fixed crossbow trajectories not working
  • Gui keybinding continuing to listen for keys after closing the gui
  • Installer not working on some linux setups with bad network configurations


  • Offhand lag, paper packet limiter will kick even with the default config, and vanilla has a limit to sounds that can be played at once
  • Boatbypass, ncp is irrelevant now

Known issue​

  • Music player is not working